8-step safety series

Step 7: Training your team 

The OnSide safety series breaks down what you need for a compliant H&S system into 8 simple steps – making it easier to understand and implement.

Are your team trained and competent?

There are 4 things you need to do to make sure your team are properly trained:

1. Induct
2. Assess
3. Train
4. Record


Get your training guide here.

We've put together an easy to follow guide that covers the best ways to induct, assess and train your team. Plus the free training tracker lets you to record where each member of your team is at. 

What to do to complete Step 7

(takes around 5 mins)

1. Download and read the how to guide.
2. Download and complete the training tracker.
3. Download the induction form and get your team (new and old) to complete it.
4. Discuss any training and induction gaps with each team member.


OnSide TrainingTracker

Training tracker and induction template

When you download Step 7 you'll also receive a training tracker to record training and competency for all of your team, as well as an induction template to help get new team members up to speed. 

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