8-step safety series

Step 5: Planning for emergencies 

The OnSide safety series breaks down what you need for a compliant H&S system into 8 simple steps – making it easier to understand and implement.

Are you ready for an emergency?

Emergencies usually occur without warning so it's important to be ready.
There are 3 steps in making sure you're prepared for an emergency on your property:

1.   Plan
2.   Practice
3.   Review

Get the guide and emergency plan templates

Everything you need to know to prepare for an emergency is covered in our simple How-to-Guide.
Plus we've put together planning templates for the most common rural emergencies like chemical spills, fires, natural disasters and more.

What you need to do to complete Step 5

(takes around 10 mins)

1. Download and read the how to guide.
2. Download, print and complete the relevant emergency plan templates.
3. Take 5 min to explain it at your next team meeting.

H2G7 cover

plan1     plan2

Step 5 comes with common emergency plan templates

When you download Step 5 you'll also receive planning templates for the most common emergencies – medical, chemical spills, vehicles and machinery, fires, drownings, electrocution and natural disasters. Plus there's a blank template you can use for any other emergency plans you need to put in place to be prepared and compliant. 


What's Next?

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