8-step safety series

Step 4: Managing contractors 

The OnSide safety series breaks down what you need for a compliant H&S system into 8 simple steps – making it easier to understand and implement.

How to manage your contractors

Step 4 of the series covers the 4 things you need to do to properly manage contractors and visitors on your property. 

    1. Select
    2. Induct
    3. Monitor
    4. Evaluate


Get the easy-to-follow guide 

Our simple How-to-Guide provides easy to follow instructions so you can keep your people and contractors safe, as well as ticking the compliance box.

What you need to do to complete Step 4

(takes less than 5 mins)

1. Download and read the how to guide.
2. Invite your contractors to get the free OnSide mobile app.
3. Take 2 min to explain it at your next team meeting.

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What's Next?

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