8-step safety series

Step 3: Managing incidents

The OnSide safety series breaks down what you need for a compliant H&S system into 8 simple steps – making it easier to understand and implement.

How to manage incidents

In step 3 of the series find out how to manage accidents or incidents that occur on your property using these 4 simple steps:

      1. Prepare
      2. Respond
      3. Record
      4. Investigate

Free guide, poster and investigation template

Step 3 comes with a simple How-to-Guide that tells you what to do at each step and tips on how to use OnSide to make things even easier. Also included in this step is a handy wall poster to help you work out if you've got a notifiable injury or illness on your hands, and if so, a notifiable event investigation template to help you investigate the incident. 

What you need to do to complete Step 3 
(takes less than 5 mins)

1. Download and read the how to guide.
2. Print out the wall poster and put it up on your noticeboard.
3. Take 2 min to explain at your next team meeting.
4. Keep the investigation template on hand should you need it.

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How to identify a notifiable event

Step 3 comes with a notifiable event flowchart that's great for putting up on your noticeboard so everyone knows what to look out for.
If it turns out you do have a notifiable event on your hands, here's a template you can use to investigate it.


What's Next?

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