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Step 1: Getting serious about health and safety

First up you need a health and safety policy to communicate your commitment to safety.

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Step 2 : Managing hazards and risks

Find out how to idenify and best manage the hazards and risks on your property.

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Step 3: Managing incidents in 4 steps

In this step, we'll take you through the four things you need to do to manage accidents or incidents on your property.

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Step 4: Managing contractors

Learn the four things you need to do to manage contractors and visitors to your property. 

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Step 5: How to plan for an emergency

Emergencies usually happen without warning. Make sure you're prepared by completing step 5 of the safety series. 

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Step 6: Knowing your responsibilities

When it comes to health and safety on your property it's important you know who's responsible for what. 

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Step 7: Training your team

A team that's properly trained is more productive, makes less mistakes and enjoys their job more. Find out how to best train your team.


Step 8: Your H&S plan

Pull everything together into a H&S plan you can implement at a pace that’s right for your business.

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