Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

How long does it take to set up OnSide?


If you’re a visitor, it only takes a couple of minutes to download the app and register.

If you’re a property owner, it only takes a couple of minutes to set up your business profile and invite your team. Once that’s done, setting up a basic risk register of your property and emergency plan takes around 10-15 minutes.

How does the free trial work?


Just register here and you can try OnSide Business free for 30 days. After that, you can chose from one of our paid plans. If you don’t need all the features our paid plans offer, you can move to OnSide Casual, our free service that’s designed for visitors and recreational users. 

Is there a setup fee?


No, it’s free to set up an account with us. To use OnSide Visitor or Business there is a monthly subscription fee for users.

How do I know what counts as a “risk” on my property?


You can select from our list of common risks that are often on properties. Once you’ve selected the ones that apply to you, any new risks you see while you’re out and about can be added using your phone. Your team and visitors can report potential risks using OnSide on their phones. If you’d like more information or advice on how to identify and manage risks on your property, our expert adviser partners are available to help.

How do I get my contractors on board?


The casual version of OnSide is free so it is easy for everyone to be involved.There are several different ways you can get your contractors to join OnSide:

  • Get an OnSide entry sign to let people know your property is an OnSide property.
  • You can invite your contractors to join by logging in to OnSide on your computer and entering their email address(s). They'll be sent an email with details on what they need to do to join.

Does OnSide work if I don't have cellphone coverage?


OnSide has full offline capability meaning it still works, even if you have no internet or cell phone coverage. In offline mode, you can still use any features of the app. Changes you make while offline are saved and will show up next time you get service.
GPS usually works even if there’s no cellphone coverage so OnSide will still recognise when you arrive at a property, ask you to review risks, and sign in.

To sign in, you must have downloaded the current risks for that property within the last 7 days. These will be stored on your phone so they’re available when you arrive.


Does the app use a lot of battery?


The only time the app uses a lot of battery is if you are close to, but not signed-in to, an OnSide property. Otherwise, the app is very battery efficient. If you live on your OnSide property and finding the app is using a lot of battery, check to make sure your house is inside your OnSide boundary. If it’s not, you may want to consider adding it.

Does the app use a lot of data?


We have designed the app to be very data efficient for day-to-day use. We recommend that you are connected to Wi-Fi when you first download the app and set it up. After you have set up your profile and risk register, the app uses very little data.

Will the app work on my model phone?


The OnSide app is currently available on iOS (iPhones) and Android devices. The app uses the latest technology available, so in order for all features to work, your phone’s operating system needs to be up to date. This means that if the app doesn’t work, updating your operating system is a good place to start!

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Do suppliers and contractors need to set up an account?


Yes. They can start as a casual user which is free. If they are visiting lots of properties using OnSide they may want to upgrade to a Visitor account which costs $5 a user per month and has additional functionality and time-saving features.

If I am an administrator, can I limit the alerts I get?


Yes, if you are an admin and want to limit the alerts you receive, you can select the 'limited alerts only' button under your business team profile. This way, you will only be alerted when new risks are added or an incident is reported.


When I registered for OnSide, I didn't receive the confirmation email, what do I do?


Check your junk/spam mail folder to see if the email is in there.

Alternatively, go to, the 'login' button at the top right-hand corner of the home page, then click the 'trouble logging on?' link. From there, you can set or reset your password.

I've registered for OnSide but can't find where to set up my business.


You have probably registered to use OnSide as a Visitor, rather than a business. You can use OnSide for any reason you want and it is easy to add a business to your profile. Here an example of how to set up a farm:

  1. Click on your name in the top right-hand corner
  2. Click 'view profile'
  3. Click 'roles'
  4. Click 'farm administrator' 

This will add farming to your profile and you will be able to set up your business.

If I am a business owner/manager, do I have to include my contractors and visitors on my team?


No, contractors and other visitors register with OnSide themselves using a casual or visitor account. That way, when they arrive at a property that uses OnSide, they will be able to view the risks and sign-in.

We are keen to trial OnSide, will all the information we enter still be there when the trial period is up or will we need to re-enter it?


Yes, your information will still be there when the trial period is up.

I can't find your app in the Google Play store.


It is there, it’s just further down the list. Make sure you are spelling OnSide correctly.

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Is there a cheaper plan for lifestyle blocks?


Our business plan is the plan that you need to map your property boundaries and risks. It’s $10 +GST per user per month. So the less people on your team, the cheaper it is. Our Casual plan is free for visitors who come to your property to use.

Using Onside

If I’m coming and going from the same property in the same day, do I need to sign-in and out every time?


No. OnSide will ask you if you want to sign out or stay signed-in when you leave a property. If you will be coming and going all day, the best thing to do is select 'Stay signed-in', and OnSide will keep you signed-in. You do need to remember to manually sign out when you are finished for the day if you chose this option.

Do I have to go through all the risks every time I arrive at a property I regularly visit?


The first time you arrive at a property you will be asked to review all the risks on that property’s risk register. Once you’ve done that, if you come back to the property in the future, OnSide will only show you any new risks since your last visit.

If you want to save time, you can use the pre-induction feature to induct yourself into a property before you arrive. To do this, manually search for the property you’re going to visit and then use the pre-induction button to review any risks you haven't seen before. That way, when you arrive, you’ll only be shown any new risks since your pre-induction.

You can view all risks on the property at any time on your phone. The best way to look at these is using the map view so you can see risks that are near where you will be working.

How do the alerts work?


OnSide will send alerts for the following reasons:

  1. Sign-in and sign out. When you arrive at a property OnSide will remind you to review the risks and sign-in. Likewise, when you leave OnSide will ask you to sign out. If you’re a team member of the property you arrive at, OnSide will only alert you if there are new risks to review. Otherwise, you will be automatically signed-in and out without being alerted.
  2. Visitor sign in and out. OnSide will alert the property team when visitors come and go from the property. If you are an admin you will always be alerted. If you are a team member, you will only be alerted if you are signed into the property.
  3. Failure to sign-in. If a visitor on your property is an OnSide user and has not signed in, the property team will be alerted.
  4. New risks. If a new risk is added to the risk register, the property team and any visitors currently on the property will be alerted. Information on this risk can be viewed using the risk register on your phone.
  5. Reported incidents. If an incident is reported, the administrators will be alerted. Only property admins receive these alerts.
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