OnSide is a software platform changing the way people check in and out of rural properties. With OnSide, people can instantly check in, notify property managers, and record where their team is, in realtime.

The ultimate resource for managing rural-based teams

Efficient team management

OnSide works the way you need it to, providing a realtime dashboard view of which properties your team are visiting, paperless check-ins, and a pre-induction feature that lets the team get on with the job without delay.


Improved team safety

OnSide gives your team access to all the information they need to work safely, notifies property managers when they are onsite, and sends alerts back to base if they are onsite longer than expected.

02 Improved Team Safety

Better customer service

OnSide improves communication between your team and property managers, with live notifications on arrival, ETA messages, and a detailed report of every visit to avoid any disputes.

03 Better Customer Service


Know where your team is.

See which properties your team are visiting via a realtime dashboard, and export reports to help with billing and dispute resolution. 

01 Efficient Team Management

Purpose of visit

Tell customers why you’re there.

Let customers know when you arrive and why you are there. Record the reason for your visit and download your history.

03 Better Customer Service


Anywhere, anytime.

Streamline your check-in process by mapping every property your team visits in OnSide.

06 Paperless Check in


No one left behind.

Get alerts back to base if anyone is onsite longer than expected and doesn’t respond to safety prompts.

07 Lone Worker


Reach customers outside of OnSide.

ETA notifications and check-ins can be sent to customers in text format via the OnSide system.

08 Text Messages


See the risks.

Ensure your team is kept safe by having access to each property’s risk map information wherever they are.

09 Risk Maps


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