Our smart, practical technology is designed to make communication clearer, compliance simpler, and visitor data more useful. With OnSide, everyone on a rural property has important information at their fingertips.

Access control

Know who’s onsite

OnSide is about making life easier for the people who manage rural properties. It’s a mobile app that captures visitor records in realtime, ensuring contractors are properly inducted, aware of hazards, and able to get on with the job at hand – while you can view all the data about the people visiting your property at any time.

Property managers now know more about their visitors than ever before – including live updates and historical visitor records at the touch of a button.

No need for paperwork, induction meetings, sign in books or hazard boards – just Onside.

Access Management 01 Feature

Notifications and Alerts

Be in the know

Get instant notifications when someone checks in or out of your property, see who is onsite in realtime and view reports on previous visits.

Access Management 02 Notifications and Alerts


Inform your visitors.

Share the rules and general information for your property with anyone checking in with OnSide, in realtime. 

Access Management 03 Property Rules

Health & Safety

Compliance made easy

There’s no getting around it – health and safety compliance is a fact of life. But it doesn’t have to be a chore. OnSide lets you set the rules for visitors, automate inductions, log hazards, and report incidents at the touch of a button.

OnSide provides the tools and know-how to set up a safety system that’s aligned with New Zealand safety standards so you can stay on top of safety the easy way.

Don’t get caught out on the wrong side of a health and safety incident. Get OnSide!

Health Safety 01 Feature


Stay on top of safety.

Access pre-loaded risk registers, management actions and reporting to make compliance easy.

Health Safety 02 Health Safety


Make risks visible.

View and report risks from anywhere, anytime using your phone – so your risk register is available where you need it, when you need it.

Health Safety 03 Realtime Risk Register


Log incidents in an instant.

Report and manage incidents or near-misses as they happen using your phone, wherever you are.

Health Safety 04 Immediate Incident Reporting


Prepare for anything.

Ensure everyone has the information they need on hand in a crisis.

Health Safety 05 Emergency Planning

How it works

Step 1

Set up your account via our website.

Step 2

Check and edit your property boundaries if neccessary.

Step 3

Load your known hazards and set any visitor rules.

Step 4

Invite your visitors and your team to use OnSide.

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