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OnSide is the only Health and Safety technology I recommend to my clients. Other systems on the market charge for what a small business could do themselves using a cloud system and some spreadsheets. I don’t see value for money in that.

OnSide provides a solution, through the use of GPS, that my clients can’t do for themselves. The real benefit is that changes to risks are automatically updated and visible to any user the next time they log-in or are on site. OnSide does not pretend to be something it is not! We look forward to the further developments.

Steve Sharpe
Health and Safety Consultant
Fegan & Co Ltd
OnSide for Contractors

OnSide has helped us immensely in implementing our safety systems to provide a safe work and recreational environment for everyone on our farm. Being a large property, the logistics of physically providing an up-to-date map of hazards is impractical for us. We are also developing the farm, so paper systems quickly become out of date.

OnSide keeps things in real-time so there’s no need for paper or printouts. We often have contractors on the property - fencers, builders, rural supplies reps, drilling and roading contractors, spraying/fertiliser and bulk transport companies - all within a day. OnSide has given us a tool to ensure everyone is inducted and able to view, update, and identify risks; wherever they are on the farm. Photos speak a thousand words. Being able to take and upload photos means we have the best information to guide those on our property.

The OnSide team have been great with helping us get set up. We found it easy for our contractors and staff to sign-up and install the app. We are excited about the potential to eliminate our paper-based system. This technology is the way of the future for farmers, and we are thrilled to be using OnSide.

Angus and Nicole Lang
Simons Pass Station
OnSide for farmers

OnSide was just what we were looking for to get away from more paperwork. Our staff and anyone who visits our property can easily view hazards before they get to the property or as they arrive. They can instantly notify us if they see a potential hazard or a near miss incident by using the app. We don’t have to be at the office or close to the yard - gone is the old Hazard Board and physical sign-in. Visitors and contractors can now view our risks, sign-in, and contact our manager, all via OnSide. We inform all contractors with signs at the gate and in the yard to use the app.

I enjoy using OnSide. As we have several separate orchard blocks and a separate packhouse, the initial setup took a bit of time to customise each property. But once it’s done it is very easy to manage. It’s a professional way to manage risks, and having a photo of each risk makes it simple to understand - especially when language is a barrier. Onside has helped us improve the way we manage health and safety as a team.

Our staff are notified of new risks or changes to risks on their phones. This awareness motivates them to do their part in informing us of any new risks that they see. This could be repairs needing attention before an accident occurs.

Maree Denniston
Central Organics Ltd
Onside for Growers

Safety management is important at 45sth Management simply because we want our guys to go home each night to their families. OnSide is a helpful tool in achieving this. One of the great features for us is the ability to clearly identify an area on one of the blocks we manage for our workers to go to. Sometimes using words like “eastern side of the block” doesn’t cut it. The best feature for us is the ability for anyone to photograph and pinpoint a hazard on the block. That then comes back to me to action.

Knowing that the hazards for each block are clearly shown to outsiders is great. Setting up our blocks was easy and I enjoyed adding the photos to make it really appealing for us and others to use. The fact that there is a free version for visitors to use is brilliant as I was unsure how to get people onboard.

The staff at OnSide have been extremely helpful and are great at speaking to less computer savvy people in plain English.

Patsy Blanche
45sth Management
Onside for Growers
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As a health and safety professional I understand that good safety management is important to every business in New Zealand. A safety system must be ‘fit-for-purpose’ and meaningful if it is to be effective. OnSide have achieved this with their cloud-based technology. They have developed and implemented a ‘user-friendly’ safety system for farms and SMEs. I use my mobile phone as a watch, a diary, a newspaper, a library, a torch and much more, so it makes sense to use it for logging hazards and risks, reporting incidents and keeping emergency contacts.

OnSide have made the site induction process simple and seamless for Contractors. I’m looking forward to seeing the OnSide team continue to improve their easy method of meeting legislative and organisational requirements!

Graham Neate
Group Health and Safety Manager
Philip Wareing Ltd Contractors
OnSide for Contractors
clover hill cows

Clover Hill Farm

Find out how contractor dairy milker Sam Ravenscroft manages Clover Hill, a 79 hectare, 330 cow dairy farm in the Waikato, using his mobile phone.  

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Sam Ravenscroft
Clover Hill Farm

Quarries are busy places and cover large areas. OnSide has helped us keep track of who is coming and going and provides info in a visual way, which is great for our drivers.

Quarry Manager
North Island

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