Visitor Intelligence System

The world's first platform using visitor records to respond to biosecurity outbreaks.


The smartest way to respond to the next biosecurity incursion is to record every visitor every day.

Did you know every visitor to a rural property could be exposing that farm or orchard to 10 other properties?

Farms and orchards within New Zealand are interconnected by a network of people and vehicle movements between properties.

Most pests and diseases spread across New Zealand via this network, which is why OnSide has revolutionised the way rural properties track and manage visitors.

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How it works

Visitor management is an innovative new way to locate, monitor and control pest and disease outbreaks. OnSide’s Visitor Intelligence System™ is a world-first biosecurity platform that uses the visitor records collected by property owners via the OnSide app to provide our rural industry with vital data to respond instantly to biosecurity incursions.

how it works


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New improved biosecurity features for rural property managers

We’re adding additional features to make OnSide a more powerful tool in the biosecurity battle.

Biosec app rules page2

House Rules

Let every visitor know the biosecurity protocol on your property to minimise the risk of disease.

Biosec app visitor stats2Visitor Stats

See who is on your property, when they were there and how many times they visited.

Biosec risk option 3Biosecurity Risk

Receive alerts and latest information about potential biosecurity risks and how to manage them.

Are you a large organisation concerned about biosecurity?

OnSide’s Visitor Intelligence System™ uses network science to simulate and predict the spread of a disease through the rural visitor network, helping locate the source of an incursion early for a faster and more effective response.


OnSide Monitoring

Identifies properties to optimally monitor for potential disease threats.

Regional network

OnSide Response

Reacts to the detection of a disease, and calculates where to direct resources to contain a disease outbreak.

National network

OnSide Source Detection

Uses the information of disease spread to trace the disease back to where the incursion most likely began.

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