The health and safety management system that’s the pick of the crop.


Save time and money

By streamlining the way you work and ditching your old paper-based systems you’ll see real cost savings and spend less time on admin.


Peace of mind

Managing compliance on your property is easier with OnSide — your team is involved, your contractors are informed, your visitors are safe.

Retain your people, and your reputation

Using OnSide shows that you care about your people, and take heath and safety seriously. People like working where they know they're safe.

grower benefits


Made for growers

No extra equipment is needed — OnSide's paperless and mobile so it works how and where you do, on your orchard, vineyard or garden.

Keep track of who’s on your property

Knowing what’s going on in real-time means you can make better decisions and act quickly to reduce the chance of accidents occurring.

Everyone knows what to do

OnSide makes it easy to keep everyone on your property up-to-date. It’s simple for your team, seasonal workers and visitors to use.

Top features for Growers

Real-time risk register

Setting up a risk register is fast and easy with pre-populated hazards such as exposure to pesticides and falling from ladders.

  • Quick and easy to get set-up
  • Map your property boundary and risk map in minutes
  • Pre-populated risks help you get you started
  • Practical ideas, tips, and actions included
  • Add, change or remove risks at anytime
  • Use photos rather than descriptions to show risks
  • Anyone with the app can view the risk map and report new risks

Quick sign in to your property

Sign visitors in and out easily — anyone with OnSide can sign-in using their phone as they cross your boundary.

  • Automatic sign-in for teams to their home property
  • Visitors notified of risks when they sign-in
  • Your team is notified when visitors arrive
  • "Who’s Here?" shows who’s visited, when, and for how long
  • Visitors report new risks or incidents on their phone
  • Easy to manage and induct seasonal workers

Immediate incident reporting

Report any incident, accident or near-miss as they happen using your phone wherever you are on the property.

  • Your team and visitors can report new incidents immediately
  • Incidents can be reviewed by select team members
  • Keep a record of incidents for easy future reference

Tools for your team

Once your property is set up with OnSide your team, contractors and seasonal workers can join. Using their phone they can:

  • Get up-to-speed fast
  • Sign-in automatically
  • View and acknowledge risks
  • Access emergency procedures
  • Report new incidents and risks
  • Receive alerts and notifications
  • Access 'Who’s Here?' function
  • View contact details
More features

Biosecurity - Coming soon!

Let every visitor know the biosecurity protocol on your property to minimise the risk of disease.

Compliance management

  • Create a Health and Safety plan that aligns with current legislation
  • Access emergency plans and contacts on your phone
  • Build a risk register in minutes
  • View and report risks from anywhere, anytime using your phone
  • Record incidents when and where they happen
  • Information is stored securely in the Cloud

Emergency planning

  • Ensure everyone has the information they need on hand in a crisis
  • View key contact information and emergency procedures on your phone
  • View map with emergency points and GPS coordinates
  • Location mapping means emergency services can find you if needed

Offline function for rural areas

  • Access your risk register in areas of poor reception
  • Changes are uploaded and recorded when you come back online

Secure cloud storage

  • Access OnSide from anywhere, any time from your phone or computer
  • Web-based portal gives a 360° view of activity on your property
  • Changes and updates are shared with everyone who signs-in

Free support and resource centre

We are here to help anytime, anywhere with our support and online help centre.

Cheap as chips

  • Business plan is only $10 / month per user
  • Perfect for Owners or Managers of outdoor properties with multiple entry points, frequent visitors, and risks spread over large areas.

OnSide was just what we were looking for to get away from more paperwork. Our staff and anyone who visits our property can easily view hazards before they get to the property or as they arrive. They can instantly notify us if they see a potential hazard or a near miss incident by using the app. We don’t have to be at the office or close to the yard - gone is the old Hazard Board and physical sign-in. Visitors and contractors can now view our risks, sign-in, and contact our manager, all via OnSide. We inform all contractors with signs at the gate and in the yard to use the app.

Maree Denniston
Central Organics Ltd

Recommended plan for growers

Who is OnSide Business for?

Our Business plan is designed for orchards, vineyards, market gardens, and other horticultural businesses and outdoor work sites who want to get the most out of OnSide.

It is the recommended plan for properties with multiple points of entry, where visitors regularly come and go, and risks are distributed over large areas.

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Health & Safety

For people managing Health & Safety on properties


Per Property / Per Month

What does OnSide Business include?

  • PC app
  • Mobile app (IOS and Android)
  • Risk register and map
  • Property boundary map
  • Emergency plan
  • GPS locator technology
  • Who’s Here? function
  • Real-time risk and incident reporting
  • Notifications
  • Unlimited visitor access
  • Automatic sign-in and sign-out of your property
  • Offline function for remote areas
  • Secure Cloud storage

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