The health and safety system designed with outdoor work in mind.

What's in it for you?


Saves you time

OnSide’s paperless system means no more sign-in sheets, hazard boards, and Contractor induction meetings.

  • Sign-in and view risks on your phone as you cross the property boundary
  • Pre-induct yourself in advance and only see new risks
  • Sign out using your phone on your way out 

A safer place to work

At an OnSide property you know they care about keeping their people and visitors safe, and improving their health and safety.

  • Property Managers have awareness of health and safety issues as they happen 
  • Properties can act promptly to reduce the chance of incidents occurring




All the info you need’s in your pocket

OnSide works the way you need it to.

  • No paperwork to get lost, wet or blown away
  • No extra equipment - all the info is on your phone 
  • It’s mobile so it works where you do 
  • Works offline if you have poor coverage
  • The pre-induction feature saves time so you can get on with the job
Top features for Contractors

Quick sign in to your property

With OnSide on your phone, you can sign-in and out of any OnSide property as you cross their boundary.

  • Unlimited sign-in and out
  • View and acknowledge risks when you sign in
  • The property team is notified when you sign in
  • Pre-induction feature lets you view risks before you arrive

Immediate incident reporting

Reporting accidents, incidents or near-misses on-the-job is easy with OnSide.

  • Capture details and photos of any incident with your phone
  • Report new incidents as soon as they happen

Real-time risk register

OnSide makes it easy for properties to keep their risk register up-to-date and available in real-time, all of the time. So you can be sure you'll get the info you need to work safely.

  • View the risk map on your phone
  • Report any new risks you encounter
  • Use photos rather than descriptions to show risks

Emergency planning

With OnSide, a property's emergency contact information always on hand.

  • View key contact information and emergency procedures on your phone
  • View map with emergency points and GPS coordinates
  • Location mapping means emergency services can find you if needed
More features

Biosecurity - Coming soon!

Let every visitor know the biosecurity protocol on your property to minimise the risk of disease.

Compliance management

  • Create a Health and Safety plan that aligns with current legislation
  • Access emergency plans and contacts on your phone
  • Build a risk register in minutes
  • View and report risks from anywhere, anytime using your phone
  • Record incidents when and where they happen
  • Information is stored securely in the Cloud

Offline function for rural areas

  • Access your risk register in areas of poor reception
  • Changes are uploaded and recorded when you come back online

Secure cloud storage

  • Access OnSide from anywhere, any time from your phone or computer
  • Web-based portal gives a 360° view of activity on your property
  • Changes and updates are shared with everyone who signs-in

Free support and resource centre

We are here to help anytime, anywhere with our support and online help centre.

Tools for your team

  • Invite your team to use OnSide on their phone 
  • Everyone knows what to do to keep safe and what to watch out for
  • Report risks and incidents in the field using their phone
  • Access risk register and emergency information where and when they need it 
  • Get alerts of risks when they happen
  • Access the Who’s Here? function
  • New employees get up to speed fast

Cheap as chips

  • Business plan is only $10 / month per user
  • Perfect for Owners or Managers of outdoor properties with multiple entry points, frequent visitors, and risks spread over large areas.
customer waring

As a health and safety professional I understand that good safety management is important to every business in New Zealand. A safety system must be ‘fit-for-purpose’ and meaningful if it is to be effective. OnSide have achieved this with their cloud-based technology. They have developed and implemented a ‘user-friendly’ safety system for farms and SMEs. I use my mobile phone as a watch, a diary, a newspaper, a library, a torch and much more, so it makes sense to use it for logging hazards and risks, reporting incidents and keeping emergency contacts.

Graham Neate
Group Health and Safety Manager
Philip Wareing Ltd Contractors


Recommended plan for Contractors

Who is OnSide Visitor for?

Our Visitor plan is designed for rural contractors, service providers and others who regularly visit OnSide properties. 

It's the recommended plan for those who want to have a business profile with OnSide that allows teams to join and use OnSide too.

See other plans

OnSide Visitor Management

For property owners who want to know who is on their property


Per User / Per Month

What does OnSide Visitor include?

  • Unlimited sign in and out at OnSide properties
  • Works offline in remote areas
  • View risks and emergency plans
  • Access key contact details
  • Report new risks and incidents as they happen
  • Set up a business profile
  • Invite your team to join

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