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Realtime visitor management 

There are two parts to OnSide - a website that you access from your computer for setup and admin and an app for your phone to keep track of who is on your property, in realtime.

You can invite your whole team to use OnSide and also your visitors. Once they download the app it works at any property that uses OnSide.


Biosecurity - Coming soon!

Let every visitor know the biosecurity protocol on your property to minimise the risk of disease.

Cheap as chips

  • A business plan is only $50 / month per property
  • Perfect for Owners or Managers of outdoor properties with multiple entry points, frequent visitors, and risks spread over large areas.

Compliance management

  • Create a Health and Safety plan that aligns with current legislation
  • Access emergency plans and contacts on your phone
  • Build a risk register in minutes
  • View and report risks from anywhere, anytime using your phone
  • Record incidents when and where they happen
  • Information is stored securely in the Cloud

Emergency planning

  • Ensure everyone has the information they need on hand in a crisis
  • View key contact information and emergency procedures on your phone
  • View map with emergency points and GPS coordinates
  • Location mapping means emergency services can find you if needed

Free support and resource centre

We are here to help anytime, anywhere with our support and online help centre.

Immediate incident reporting

  • Capture details and photos of any incident, accident or near-miss with your phone
  • Your team and visitors can report new incidents as soon as they happen
  • Review all incidents easily from your phone or computer
  • Keep a record of incidents for easy future reference

Offline function for rural areas

  • Access your risk register in areas of poor reception
  • Changes are uploaded and recorded when you come back online

Quick sign in to your property

  • Freedom to get on with the job without interruptions
  • Anyone with OnSide can sign-in using their phone as they cross your boundary
  • Get automatic notifications when someone signs in and out
  • Visitors to your property view any new risks on arrival
  • Who’s Here? function shows who’s visited, when, and for how long
  • You visitors can contact you and you can contact them

Real-time risk register

  • Create a risk register that’s always up-to-date and available anytime
  • Quick and easy set-up - map your boundaries and risk map in minutes
  • Common risks included to save time and get you started
  • Forget wordy descriptions. Take photos with your phone to better show risks
  • Keep everyone on the property up-to-date by adding, editing, and removing risks
  • Your team and visitors can report new risks on their phones as they happen
  • Practical ideas, tips and actions help you best manage your risks

Secure cloud storage

  • Access OnSide from anywhere, any time from your phone or computer
  • Web-based portal gives a 360° view of activity on your property
  • Changes and updates are shared with everyone who signs-in

Tools for your team

  • Invite your team to use OnSide on their phone 
  • Everyone knows what to do to keep safe and what to watch out for
  • Report risks and incidents in the field using their phone
  • Access risk register and emergency information where and when they need it 
  • Get alerts of risks when they happen
  • Access the Who’s Here? function
  • New employees get up to speed fast

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